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This is a good place: lovely surroundings and I truly feel comfortable and safe here.  The staff is exceptional: the caregivers really do care, and the management is very open to listening to the residents. I’m happy to be here.

Luita, resident

When Mom joined Moraga Royale I knew that she would be able to continue her active lifestyle and at the same time have the support she needed. Dianne and her staff go overboard to meet the needs of residents and their families. The expressions on residents’ faces convey the quality of care and empathy given to them.

Janna, daughter of resident

Nearly two years ago, when my wife and I began seeking an assisted living facility for her father and stepmother (both in their early 90’s and exhibiting the increasing and insidious signs of dementia), Moraga Royale was one of the places that had been recommended to us by both a geriatric consultant and by friends and acquaintances who, in the past, had parents or family members residing there. It was a place that we wanted to check out. As an added bonus, it was also close to our home in Orinda. We visited Moraga Royale, liked what we saw, heard and felt and, subsequently, moved her father and stepmother in.

Looking back, it’s safe to say that Moraga Royale is not what we imagined it would be. In fact, it’s turned out to be ever so much more! Rather than it being a “facility” or “institution”, it’s a home in the truest sense of the word. It’s a place where a family lives. In this case, the family is comprised of both the residents themselves as well as the entire staff of dedicated and caring professionals. Moreover, that sense of family is happily (and deliberately) shared with those extended family members like ourselves who assume responsibility for the care and comfort of our elderly parents.

Moraga Royale’s unique sense of family shows in numerous ways. Nearly every day seems to be in celebration of some person or thing. The Moraga Royale staff takes genuine pleasure (perhaps, even glee!) in seeing to the social and emotional well being of their residents. Fun and laughter go hand-in-hand with health and safety. It’s notable that most of the staff are long term employees who clearly enjoy working together. This atmosphere of enjoyment is infectious. Fridays at 4:00pm, Moraga Royale hosts a “formal” happy hour, but, in truth, a happy hour spirit is part of the place’s day-to-day makeup.

Staff members are extraordinarily committed to the resident “family”. They treat each resident as an individual. With every visit, we are reminded of this commitment. We see their genuine care, continual supportiveness, “as needed” flexibility and ever present resiliency. Often times during our visits, we spend as much time enjoying the company of the staff and the other residents as we do with my wife’s father and stepmother. Inevitably, at the end of each visit, we leave with smiles on our faces.

Moraga Royale has given us a second home and a second family. Perhaps, more importantly, Moraga Royale has given us peace of mind.

Steve and Pat Johnson, family members